It All Began When I Said
 "No. More."

Let me take you back a few years. I was irritable and stressed all the time.  Getting weekly migraines.  And, had been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder.   

On the surface I'm sure I seemed mostly fine.  I had nothing to be stressed about.  Happy marriage, 3 interesting, funny kids, a comfortable home in a nice neighbourhood. 
 At the same time I knew that I needed something else.  But, if you would have told me to add anything else to my life I would've politely told you to shove it up your a**.  

charming with
A little sass

I was exhausted and trying to do all the things.  Running to and from work, to and from kids' activities, travelling to see parents and in-laws.  Trying to read more! Exercise!  Eat right!  Meditate!  Date night!  See friends - because a social network is important, right?!

In trying to do all of the things, I was essentially doing none of them.  And, resenting almost all of them.  Most of them weren't for me.   

I believe everyone is creative.  It just needs to be nurtured to be brought to the surface.

I started to make the connection that the way I was living was making my stress and health issues worse.  I didn't even know what I liked to do anymore.  So, I made like George Costanza, and did the opposite of what I would normally do.

I slowed down.  I sat quietly.  I stopped thinking so much (or listening to everything my mind blathered on about anyway).  And, in the process it became very clear what was really important to me: 


I realized what a people-pleaser I was.  I had made a lot of choices that weren't really what was in my heart.  I am super-good at choosing very responsible, non-hippy-dippy, woo-woo things with a good pension and benefits.

But....WTH?  That's not me.  I have a degree in Art History!  I took out books on Rembrandt from the library in grade 3!  I've never felt like I belonged with the corporate 9-5 crew. 

And, while I'd always lurked at the edges of the art world I never felt like I belonged there either.  I'm not a professional artist and I don't run in "art" circles.

I'm a small-town soccer/hockey mom, love where I live, and don't want to change that.  BUT, I wanted in on this art/creativity thing.  So, I started to play with paint. And, write.  And, weave a little.  

I know that for me wellness - mental, physical, and spiritual - is the cornerstone for everything else.  That I do love reading and meditating now that it isn't a chore.  And, that creativity is what was missing from my life.

I'm exploring my creativity and getting bolder everyday.  As much as I can I've cut out the things that don't bring me joy.  



Human potential, small steps, beautiful things, colour, nature, and cutting out the noise to make room for the fabulous.


Pretense, parades (really, I don't like them), large crowds (see parades above), saying yes out of guilt, and unmade beds. 


Walking my dog, being cajoled onto the trampoline by my kids, playing with colours, relaxing on my deck swing, tending flowers.

daily rituals

Morning meditation, green tea and matcha, GF oatmeal with cardamom, yoga or bootcamp, reading before bed, and 

Creativity and Living
a Creative Life

And I finally feel like I am living
authentically and creatively.





Stranger Things

Matcha Lattes

The Nine Modern Day Muses

an unplugged getaway



Bob Marley

My Favorite Things

Traveling — especially to Jamaica for callaloo, rice and peas, and chatting with the locals!

my happy place!

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The Woods! It's my zen place where all of my best ideas happen.

Hygge! I'm that girl who takes pleasure in soothing things.  I love coziness for the soul.  Thick blanket, soft couch, hot drink.  I'm in.

My Favorite Things

Screen porches.  Benjamin Moore's Cloud White.  Ragdolls and mini-Aussies.  The colour orange.  Big skies.

my guilty secret

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Cooking for company.  I love menu planning and creating in the kitchen.  But day-to-day?  I leave that to hubby!

Photos! Taken close to home and far, far away. Nothing too staged.  The more natural and in-the-moment, the better.

This      That


The beatles

night owl



roller coaster




rolling stones

early bird





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