grey blue mid-century modern chair on wood floor in front of white bookcase

Ideas for how to add elements of Scandinavian interior design to your space. Clean lines and a minimal, yet natural look define Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas


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letter press stamps featuring "create"

When you need a little something to help kickstart a creative project, or a touch of motivation to keep you going when you’ve lost your mojo,  here are 10 no-fail strategies to boost your creativity when you aren’t feeling it. 1.  Go for a walk Walking can be wonderful to cure what ails you.  Depending […]

10 No Fail Ways to Boost Your Creativity When You Are Stuck


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white aqua living room Moroccan vibe

Hanging art is easy when you follow these 7 simple tips to hang art for maximum impact and style. Learn the right height to hang pictures and more.

7 Simple Tips to Hang Art for Maximum Impact


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home art studio

No space for a home studio? No problem! We show you home studio ideas for small spaces and how to create storage even when you have none.

How to Set Up a Portable Home Studio


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black and white photograph woman's hands on pottery wheel

Creativity is a great tool to develop mindfulness. But, the relationship doesn’t end there – creativity is mindfulness – and you need both to thrive.

Creativity is Mindfulness (and you need both to thrive)


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15 unique must-have gift ideas for creatives

11 unique gift ideas for creatives that are under $50.

11 Unique Gift Ideas for Creatives Under $50


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